How it started

Mother of Curls emerged because of my self-discovery journey to accepting my natural hair. As a young girl, coconut oil was the only product my mum used to style and detangle my hair before braiding it in two, because it was the only way to keep my hair neat. I grew up thinking that my frizzy, tangled and boofy hair was ugly and that my beauty was dependent on having straightened hair. I had no respect for my hair, and I tried to change and manipulate its natural form anyway I could.

Fast forward to 2014, after a bold move to bleach my hair blonde, something in me decided that enough was enough. I made the choice to take a year to care and nurture my natural hair, confident in what I had inherited from my mother, my Tongan curls.

Give MoC a try today, and let our products help you to care for your curls and to own what is naturally yours, your crown!


MoC xx